Butterfly and Whale 1


“According to the weather report from our station, typhoon ‘Butterfly’ will reach Rongcheng in the middle of this month. All units and the general public are requested to take part in preparation for flood prevention in advance, and try to avoid going out during the typhoon.”

Because of this weather report, the small supermarket ushered in the crowd comparable to the period during Chinese New Year.

Jing Yu pushed his cart and squeezed into the crowd.

He put the things into his cart without looking at the price following the example of the auntie in front of him, throwing whatever he could get his hand into the cart, and when he turned around, his cart was already filled to the brim.

“Brother, can you at least take a look at what’s in your hand before putting them into the cart?” Mo Hai casually picked up two things from the cart.

——Seven-degree space and Hushubao (Sanitary napkins).

Jing Yu: “…”

The boy raised his hand and scratched his lower eyelids, avoiding Mo Hai’s questioning gaze: “My hands slipped and I grabbed the wrong thing.”

“You pervert, is this something you can explain with a slip of hand!”

“Yes, I’m a pervert.” Jing Yu threw the two things back into the cart, and threatened in a low voice, “Shout louder if you have the ability.”

Mo Hai did not dare to speak out, he just muttered: “Then you put it back yourself, I can’t afford to lose my dignity.”

Jing Yu grabbed the two packs of sanitary napkins and checked again that there was nothing missing or no other extra stuff in the cart. “You go queue in line to check out first, I’m hungry.”

“Got it.”

Jing Yu often comes to this supermarket, but he doesn’t remember where he grabbed these things from. He held the two packs of sanitary napkins and had to walk around the supermarket twice before putting the things back in their place.

On the way to the cashier, he grabbed two more packs of potato chips. As soon as he walked out from between the shelves, he saw Mo Hai running towards him with a miserable face.

“Brother, I met a thief!” Mo Hai originally had a chubby face, so when he scrunched up his face like that, he looked like the lettuce in Plants vs. Zombies.

Jing Yue wanted to laugh, and deliberately turned his eyes away from him: “What did the thief steal from you?”

“The cart, I let go of the cart to put the things on the counter and that person took the cart away as soon as I turned around.”

Jing Yu: “…”

“I haven’t even settled the bill yet.”

“Just be glad you haven’t paid the bill yet.” Jing Yu put the two packs of potato chips in the return area, “Let’s go.”

“Where are you going?” Mo Hai lowered his head, “We haven’t bought anything yet…”

“Let’s just go eat, we’ll come back to buy the stuffs tomorrow.” Jing Yue hooked his shoulders, “There are so many people, it will be dark after we finished picking everything up again, and then we still have to wait to check out.”

“Then I can go get them, you line up here first.”

“Can we eat first?” Jing Yue sighed, “I haven’t eaten all day.”

Mo Hai whispered, “You’re just greedy for barbecue.”

Jing Yu raised his hand and swatted the back of his head: “I’ll beat you up if you eat one extra stick.”

“Brother! You’re the best brother in the whole world.” Mo Hai jumped up with a grin. In order to coax Jing Yu into buying him a few more skewers of barbecue, Mo Hai even bought two bottles of orange soda out of his own pocket.

Summer evenings in coastal cities are filled with the smell of seafood, wine and icy soda.

The orange soda that had just been taken out of the freezer met the summer wind and drops of water dripped from the glass bottle.

After Jing Yu finished his drink in two or three gulps, he casually threw the empty bottle into the plastic bin.

Mo Hai squatted on the side, biting on a straw and applauding him when it went in.

Jing Yu laughed: “Drink quickly.”

This year’s summer in Rongcheng was hotter than usual and the beach was full of tourists wearing floral underpants and bikinis.

Jing Yue wiped the sweat from his forehead, saw Mo Hai sipping his drink diligently. He also squatted down and gazed out towards the scenery.

The salty sea breeze was mixed with a strong smell of barbecue. Jing Yu was so hungry that he wanted to order everything on the menu of Lao Du’s stall. He was thinking about whether he should give Mo Hai another bottle of soda later, when a scream came from not far away——

“Someone jumped into the sea!!!”

At this moment, it is the time of high tide, the waves were splashing on the beach and enormous waves slammed against the rocks on the shore.

Tourists and those who aren’t good swimmers were afraid to jump down to save the person in this situation.

Everyone started calling out for help, some pedestrians were calling the police for an ambulance. Just as they were at a loss, a nimble figure jumped directly into the sea from the edge of rock.

Like a fish jumping into the water.

The sea water poured into his ears and at the same time, Jing Yue felt a sting in his right shoulder.

He ignored the pain and swam towards the figure that was no longer struggling.

While reaching out to grab her, Jing Yu noticed something else in the water, and casually picked up the floating object.

The lifeguards and medical staff on the shore also rushed over at this time, they took the girl from Jing Yu’s hands, and said loudly: “Make some space!”

Jing Yu put his hands on his knees and took a few deep breaths. Out of the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of a flash. He looked up at the light source and coldly said, “Don’t take pictures.”

The photographer resentfully put away his phone.

Jing Yu glanced at the thing in his hand, then looked at the girl who hadn’t woken up yet. He took off the lifeguard’s hat: “Brother Bin, let me borrow it for a while.”

He walked over, carefully put the hat on the girl’s head and covered her face. He then handed the thing in his hand to the rescue staff: “This should be hers.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Jing Yu stood there watching the ambulance drive away, the lifeguard beside him, Brother Bin, bumped his arms: “Thank you for today, if it wasn’t for you, something bad might’ve happen.”

“You should stop playing games during working hours.” Jing Yu pushed his arm away, “I’m going.”

“Hey, I’ll invite you to barbecue tonight!”

Jing Yu waved his hand, and left the place without looking back.

The sea breeze blowing in from all directions swelled up his thin and wet white T-shirt.

The wind picked up and stopped… the long strand of hair wrapped around the young man’s fingers fell to the ground soundlessly.

That night.

The waves were ferocious and the tide is endless.

Typhoon “Butterfly” is about to make a landing.

ML = Jingyu [Jīng yú] Whale

FL = Hudie [hú dié] Butterfly



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