Puppy Only Has One Summer 2

Ning Bei was going crazy; his ears were so hot and his heart was beating so fast that it was about to burst out from his chest.

Jiang Chen’s voice suddenly sounded next to his ear, “Damn, why are you smiling like a fool, Ning Bei?”

The other roommates immediately cast their gazes on him.

Only then did Ning Bei realize that the corners of his mouth were uncontrollably raised high in the air.

He turned his face away in an instant, got up and went to sit on his bed.

Jiang Chen refused to let go, he ran to Ning Bei’s bedside.

Just as he was about to question him again, Ning Bei pulled his bed curtain closed with a “woosh”.

The light dimmed instantly, and the noise in the dormitory seemed to be blocked automatically.

Only the bright light of the phone screen shone on Ning Bei’s hot and red cheeks, he took a closer look at his phone,

“Xiao Bei, I am Jiejie.”

Ning Bei: ? ? ?

Ning Bei: …

The phone screen suddenly went dark.

His whole body became hotter and hotter.

Ning Bei curled himself up on the bed to digest the restlessness, joy, embarrassment and laughter caused by his blunder.

After a while, he buried his face in the soft quilt and laughed softly.

His voice was carefully controlled by Ning Bei in this small space, but the vibration from his chest was noticed by his roommates.

The roommate on his upper bunk immediately lowered his head to Ning Bei’s bed curtain and asked, “Ning Bei, what are you doing?”

Just as Ning Bei was about to speak, Jiang Chen said solemnly, “Don’t disturb him.”

Ning Bei snorted in his heart, thinking that Jiang Chen was still taciturn. In the next second, Jiang Chen added,

“He’s looking at porn.”

Ning Bei: “…”


After Nan Xia sent him the friend request, Ning Bei accepted it quickly. He swiftly looked through Nan Xia’s posts on her friends’ circle, only to find that he can only see her posts from last three days, her latest post was a company’s cultural promotion post.

Ning Bei was slightly disappointed. He returned to the chat interface, rubbed his fingers on the keyboard a few times before pressing the back button.

Ning Bei didn’t speak first, he wanted to see what Nan Xia had to say.

Who knew that Nan Xia still didn’t send him a message until 9:30 that night. Ning Bei felt that the burning in his heart was getting worse. He was lying on the bed as if his whole body was on fire, it was getting so bad that he had to roll back and forth.

At 9:45pm, Ning Bei decided to send a message first. He was afraid Nan Xia might go to bed soon.

But what should he send first? Say hello?

But Ning Bei doesn’t want to call her Jiejie.

After struggling for a while, Ning Bei sent, “Are you asleep?”

But the next second after sending it out, he regretted it.

These three words sounded very rude, and he didn’t add any emoji. She might think he was being too indifferent when she sees it.

There was a burst of fire in his heart, and just as Ning Bei was about to withdraw the message, he saw Nan Xia’s name had changed to “Typing”.

His fingers froze in place, and his breathing stopped unconsciously.

Nan Xia: “Xiao Bei.”

Two short words, Nan Xia’s most intimate nickname for Ning Bei.

Ning Bei didn’t want to admit it, if anyone shine a light on his face right now, they would see a silly smile.

He buried his face in the quilt and grinned for three seconds, then saw Nan Xia had send him a new message:

I’m sorry, the company had something to do that day, I didn’t have time to have dinner with you.

Ning Bei restrained his smile and typed: It’s okay, work is important.

After the message was sent, his eyes were glued to the screen and he waited intently for Nan Xia’s name to become “Typing” again, but this time, Nan Xia did not reply immediately.

His heartbeat instantly slowed down.

Ning Bei frowned unconsciously.

He reread the sentence he just sent several times over and over again. Was his attitude too indifferent? Did it make Nan Xia unhappy?

Ning Bei was a little upset and long-pressed the message he had just sent, but found that he could no longer withdraw it.

He closed his eyes and laid on the bed like a corpse.

However, the next second, the phone vibrated.

Ning Bei turned his phone back on in an instant, and saw Nan Xia’s message: “Sorry, I went to remove the facial mask just now.”

Ning Bei’s mind immediately came up with Nan Xia wearing pajamas and applying a facial mask at home. He had actually seen it once or twice.

At that time, Nan Xia was in her third year of high school, when Ning Bei occasionally went to her house for dinner with his older brother, he would see the beauty loving Nan Xia lying on the sofa, applying a mask and reciting a book.

Ning Bei was only twelve years old at the time, and he still didn’t understand many things. But recalling this scene now, he felt that some parts of his body ache as if he got frostbite.

Ning Bei stopped his imagination in time, and replied with two words: “It’s okay.” (^o^)

This time he didn’t forget to add a laughing emoji.

But after sending it out, he regretted it again, this emoji looks too silly.

He couldn’t help but want to curse himself.

But he saw Nan Xia’s reply soon: “Well, I thought you’ve became estranged from me. When I picked you up that day, you looked so cold.”

Ning Bei: “That’s because you mistook someone else for me.”

Nan Xia: “Jiejie is wrong, is Xiao Bei willing to forgive me?”

Her tone was almost coaxing, Ning Bei subconsciously straightened his legs, feeling comfortable all over.

Ning Bei: “I will never be angry with you.”

Nan Xia then replied him with an emoji stroking the puppy’s head.

Ning Bei blushed again.

He remembered the friend application he had misread just now.

He thought she called him Puppy.

Why was he such as a scum, mistakenly thinking that Nan Xia called him a puppy, yet he still laughs like that?

Ning Bei stared at that emoji for a long time. His hand gently touched the dog’s head, and the puppy smiled happily.

Like he just did.

Ning Bei: …

He felt irritation, shame, and inexplicable…excitement…

Ning Bei long-pressed the emoji and secretly saved it.

Nan Xia: “Let’s go out to have dinner together this weekend, treat it as a compensation from me.”

Ning Bei quickly typed in: “I’ll treat you.”

Nan Xia: “Be good Xiao Bei, it’ll be my treat.”

As long as she called him Xiao Bei, Ning Bei would have no resistance.

Ning Bei: “Okay.”

Nan Xia: “Good night, go to bed early.”

Ning Bei: “Good night.”

The conversation came to an end temporarily, but Ning Bei’s eyes did not move away from the dialog box. The bright screen light shone on his pitch-black eyes, and his pupils glowed brightly.

After a while, Ning Bei turned off the phone and held it in his arms.

On Saturday morning, only Ning Bei and Jiang Chen got up early in the dormitory.

Ning Bei tidied himself up neatly, wearing a white T-shirt with black trousers. He already has a model figure with wide shoulders and narrow waist, any clothes on his body are just icing on the cake.

When he was standing in front of the window and arranging his hair against the reflection, he saw Jiang Chen spraying something.

Ning Bei directed his gaze to the bottle, Jiang Chen blinked at him, and then handed out the perfume in his hand.

“Very light masculine fragrance, girls love it the best.”

Ning Bei hesitated for a while.

Jiang Chen said again: “Your loss.”

Ning Bei: “Give me.”

However, when he went out, Ning Bei regretted it for the hundredth time.

He was afraid that Nan Xia would smell the perfume on his body and ask him why he was wearing perfume, but he was even more afraid that Nan Xia would not notice the difference at all because she didn’t care about him.

This kind of thinking is like turning him into a pancake on an iron pan, tormenting on both sides. When he arrived at the restaurant Nan Xia booked, he had already seen Nan Xia through the glass window.

Ning Bei took a couple big steps and quickly walked into the restaurant.

When he got to the side of the table, and Nan Xia immediately looked up and noticed him.

Ning Bei’s heart started beating faster, he was about to sit across from her when he realized that Nan Xia had gently grabbed his wrist.

Ning Bei’s eyes froze, he saw Nan Xia scooting to the inner side, and said to him:

“Sit beside me first, there is only one menu to look at.”

Ning Bei pursed his lips and nodded. Then he threw his bag to the opposite seat.

“Just tell me what you want to eat, don’t be polite.” Nan Xia raised her head and smiled at him, then looked down at the menu again.

Ning Bei hardly dared to move, because Nan Xia was too close to him at this time.

If her arm moves an extra millimeter, it would touch his arm, and he even felt that he could feel Nan Xia’s body temperature.

His forehead started to sweat, and Ning Bei couldn’t pay any attention to ordering food.

He secretly glanced at Nan Xia on the side. Today she was wearing a light blue knitted blouse with a short skirt and Martin boots underneath. The earrings are a gold tassel style, and he couldn’t quite make out her lipstick color.

So beautiful.

Why is she so beautiful.

No matter how hard Ning Bei told himself not to stare, he couldn’t control it.

It’s like being out under a spell.

It was also like when Nan Xia came to visit his house every year, he would hide behind door and peeked at her through the crack.

This was the first time he was so close to her.

“What do you want to eat?” Nan Xia suddenly raised her head and looked at him.

“Anything’s fine.”


“Really…” Before Ning Bei finished speaking, he suddenly saw Nan Xia leaning towards him.

As if trying to maintain balance, Nan Xia’s slightly cool fingers rested lightly on his arm.

Soft and smooth, like a piece of silk falling on his arm.

Ning Bei’s body stiffened instantly.

Afterwards, the tip of Nan Xia’s nose moved closer to him and sniffed lightly.

She said: “Xiao Bei, you smell so nice.”

His mind exploded in an instant, and Ning Bei turned into a piece of wood.

He looked down and closed his eyes in despair.

“Jiejie.” He tried to keep his voice steady and opened his eyes.

Nan Xia: “Huh?”

“I’m going to the bathroom!”


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