Puppy Only Has One Summer 3

When Ning Bei came out of the bathroom, Nan Xia was still waiting for him to order.

“You can order two more dishes; I’m worried the food might not be enough.”

Ning Bei sat on the opposite side of Nan Xia this time, and he saw Nan Xia ordered two portions of Beef Soup and one Mango crepe.

Even though his face didn’t show it, there was still a little drumming in his heart.

After looking at the menu for a few minutes, his heart finally calmed down.

Ning Bei ordered a small size rice roll, and handed out the menu.

Seeing his appearance, Nan Xia couldn’t help laughing.

From yesterday to today, Ning Bei looked a little unfamiliar with her, but when chatting, Nan Xia could still feel that the friendship they had for so many years when they were young has not disappeared.

Maybe it’s because boys like Ning Bei who don’t talk much don’t like to show their emotions too much by nature. She didn’t have time to observe him since she was in a hurry the other day. Today she finally had time to look at him carefully.

Nan Xia propped her chin with her palm, and stared at Ning Bei with a smile.

The body shape is already that of an adult, but there is still a feeling of thinness of a teenager. Wearing a white T-shirt, his sharp shoulder blades could be vaguely seen.

Compared with before, his eyebrows and eyes have become more distinct, when he was expressionless, there’s a slight solemness in his demeanor. Childishness and maturity become inseparable and it easily brings out the charm that makes it hard for people to look away.

It was the unique charm of a boy of his age.

Nan Xia asked, “Has Xiao Bei fallen in love?”

Ning Bei immediately denied it: “No.”

“There must have been many girls chasing after you in high school.”


“Did you see someone you like in your college classes?”


Hearing him answer no all three questions, and Nan Xia smile widens, her eyes were bent into small crescents.

A sense of pleasure from teasing her younger brother made her want to continue.

So she pretended to be serious and said: “What kind of girl does Didi like? I can help you look for one.”

Ning Bei glared at Nan Xia with some resentment, and then looked away.


Nan Xia: “…”

“Xiao Bei.”

“Huh?” Ning Bei looked over again.

“…You’re not gay, are you?”

Ning Bei: “…”

“Nan Xia!”

Ning Bei rarely called Nan Xia’s name as a warning.

Nan Xia blinked a few times; she reached over the table to touch Ning Bei’s hair.

“Jiejie is wrong; I apologize to Didi.”

Ning Bei’s face suddenly became hot again, he immediately pretended to be a little depressed, and turned his head to look out the window.

After the two of them finished eating, Nan Xia asked him if he would go back to the dormitory directly at noon or go to her house to sit for a while.

“My mother brought a lot of local products over last time, some of which are ready-to-eat. If you like it, you can take some back.”

Ning Bei nodded, “I like it.”

“Okay, then let’s go to the supermarket to buy something, you can eat lunch at my house at noon, and go get some souvenirs by the way.”

Ning Bei tried his best to hold back the ups and downs in his heart, and nodded several times heavily.

The two then went to the supermarket.

Ning Bei was pushing the shopping cart, and Nan Xia was walking in front, turning around from time to time to ask him what he would like to eat at noon, and if he had any favorite snacks.

Every time Ning Bei would answer yes, as if he couldn’t wait for Nan Xia to turn her face back to the front.

In this way, he can greedily, and unscrupulously look at Nan Xia, watching her put one hand on the front of the shopping cart, and watching the two of them walking together like an intimate couple.

This idea is simply poison.

But he couldn’t control the corners of his mouth that rose slightly.

Nan Xia turned her head, and Ning Bei immediately changed his expression.

She looked at the things in the shopping cart, “Would it be too heavy to carry all these stuffs?”

“No, I can carry them all.”

“It looks like there would at least be three or four bags though?”

“You don’t need to carry any of them.”

Nan Xia was shocked, “You can carry them all?”

Ning Bei: “Yes.”

After the two checked out, there were three bags in total. Without any hesitation, Ning Bei took all three bags into his hands.

“Give me the heavy one, or you will be too tired.”

Ning Bei walked around her: “It’s not heavy.”

Even though Nan Xia knew that boys were stronger, she was ashamed to let Ning Bei carry all three bags by himself.

Nan Xia pulled Ning Bei back, reaching out to take the bag again.

Ning Bei suddenly put all the bags in his left hand, and Nan Xia was taken aback.

In the next second, she noticed that Ning Bei had directly hugged her with his right hand.

With a sudden sense of weightlessness, Nan Xia flew into the air.

She immediately hugged Ning Bei subconsciously.

With solid arms, Nan Xia realized for the first time the difference in body shape between men and women. He is like an indestructible Eiffel Tower, he didn’t even tremble.

His arm like an iron bar hugged her firmly against his body and Nan Xia’s heartbeat accelerated inexplicably.

“It’s fine to even carry you like this.” Ning Bei said sullenly.

Nan Xia tightened her fingers and patted him on the back: “… Put me down quickly.”

Only then did Ning Bei carefully put Nan Xia back on the ground, turned around and walked forward with three bags in his hands.

A breeze blew between them.

It also took away the inexplicable heat from Nan Xia’s body.

Ning Bei’s back was not far in front of her, and the breeze blew out his broad, flat upper body shape, which made Nan Xia suddenly realize that besides being a younger brother that she could “tease” at will, Ning Bei was already a man.

This thought made her slightly confused, as if their relationship had entered a chaotic transformation zone.

The two then returned to Nan Xia’s residential area by bus. Nan Xia lives in a mid-range community close to her company and most of people living here were local residents of Lincheng city.

As the two walked into the gate of the community, and Ning Bei soon heard a man shouting “Nan Xia” from a distance.

He locked onto the source of the voice faster than Nan Xia, and turned around to see a man in a white shirt walking towards them.

Ning Bei then heard Nan Xia whispering: “My god, why is he here again?”

With a strong premonition, even if Nan Xia didn’t say anything, Ning Bei probably knew what’s going on in his heart.

He directly pushed Nan Xia behind him.

The man approached and wanted to go around behind Ning Bei to talk to Nan Xia, but Ning Bei stopped him directly.

“Who are you looking for?”

Ning Bei’s attitude was cold, there was even a hint of animosity in his voice.

The man seemed to be offended, and sneered, “I’m Nan Xia’s friend, who are you?”

Nan Xia felt that the atmosphere was not good, and she didn’t want Ning Bei to get into a fight with someone for her. She was about to pull Ning Bei behind her when she suddenly heard Ning Bei say coldly, “I’m Nan Xia’s boyfriend.”

Nan Xia: “???”

The man obviously didn’t believe it, he looked at Nan Xia: “I don’t remember you saying you have a boyfriend?”

Ning Bei’s eyes also fell sideways to Nan Xia’s body.

An evil impulse sprouted from her gut. Because Chen Zhihe was a colleague who lived in the same community as her, he often came to talk to her in the community and company.

Although there was no specific “harassment” behavior, it has actually affected Nan Xia’s life to a large extent.

Since Ning Bei had said that today, so she might as well just go with the flow, maybe she could stop Chen Zhihe’s advances this way.

Nan Xia hooked her hand on Ning Bei’s arm directly and said to Chen Zhihe, “I don’t think I need to report to you when I get a boyfriend.”

Ning Bei’s body stiffened, but he opened his palm and held Nan Xia’s hand tightly.

“Can you go away now?” he said.

Nan Xia was a little scared by the cruelty in Ning Bei’s tone, and Chen Zhihe took two steps back as if he had stepped on a nail, then snorted coldly, turned and stomped off in another direction.

“Let’s go.”

Ning Bei then carried the bags in one hand, held Nan Xia with the other and continued walking into the community.

In fact, he didn’t know which building Nan Xia lived in, but at the moment, Ning Bei just wanted to take Nan Xia out of here.

After walking around the neighborhood twice, Ning Bei stopped.

Looking back at Nan Xia who was grinning with her whole face, he asked in a muffled voice, “Where do you live?”

Nan Xia’s eyes signaled him to let go of her hand. Ning Bei’s ears burned red, and he released her hand immediately.

“I was wondering how many laps you’re going to take me around the community.”

Ning Bei glanced at her face, “I forgot.”

Nan Xia looked at him suddenly changing from the previous appearance to the current awkward appearance, it was really funny, she softly said: “We are here, it is the building in front of you.”

The two then went upstairs and entered the one-bedroom apartment Nan Xia rented here.

Ning Bei helped deliver all the things to the kitchen, and then sat in the living room feeling a little overwhelmed.

Nan Xia suddenly called his name from the kitchen.

“Xiao Bei.”

Ning Bei immediately got up and walked over.

In the bright kitchen, the morning light shrouded Nan Xia like a light veil. She leaned her back on the counter and stretched out her hand towards Ning Bei.

Ning Bei seemed to be under a spell again.

Why is Nan Xia reaching out to him?

Ning Bei couldn’t control himself anymore, he couldn’t forget the feeling when he held Nan Xia’s hand just now.

The hand that is soft, warm, and will break if you squeeze it hard.

His back started to sweat slightly, but his body made the decision faster than his brain.

Ning Bei raised his hand to hold her hand.

In the next second, he also felt the foreign object in Nan Xia’s palm.

His face turned pale, and Ning Bei realized that Nan Xia was just passing him something.


It was too embarrassing, Ning Bei wanted to bang his head to death.

But Nan Xia placed the thing into Ning Bei’s palm as if nothing had happened.

She then stroked Ning Bei’s hair.

“Thank you, Xiao Bei, for protecting Jiejie today.”

Ning Bei is almost in a daze now.

He didn’t know if Nan Xia had noticed his stupidity just now, he didn’t know if Nan Xia would alienate him because of his inexplicable action, and he didn’t know if Nan Xia was already laughing at him in her heart.

It was almost unbearable to bear all these messed up thoughts in his mind, but Nan Xia was stroking his head so tenderly.

The tingling sensation immediately exploded from the scalp, and Ning Bei’s whole body seemed to have been electrified.

It was so similar to the emoji she sent him that day.

The gentle hand stroked the puppy’s head slowly.

It turned out to be this feeling, no wonder the puppy laughed so happily.

Ning Bei’s thoughts drifted completely. He was almost ecstatically watching Nan Xia smiling at him. For a moment, he whispered like sleepwalking:

“Protecting Jiejie is what a puppy should do.”

Nan Xia: “???”

Ning Bei’s brain exploded instantly and he woke up.

“No no no no!”

He was so anxious that he jumped up on the spot, and corrected, “Protecting puppy is what a puppy should do!”

Nan Xia: “???”

“Protecting puppy is what Jiejie should do!”

Nan Xia: “???”

Ning Bei: “…protecting Jiejie is what Jiejie should do!”

Nan Xia: “???”

Ning Bei: “…”

In the quiet kitchen, Ning Bei completely shut down.

He closed his eyes in despair, powerless to face the scene of the car accident he caused.

But suddenly he noticed that Nan Xia took the thing she put in his hand back again.

His heart fell to the bottom again.

However, there was a rustling sound.

A slightly cool finger rested lightly on Ning Bei’s lips.

Ning Bei opened his eyes and saw that Nan Xia had taken out a candy from it wrappings.

“Candy reward for Jiejie’s little puppy.”

Ning Bei’s blood flowed backwards, and he lost all reason.

He obediently opened his mouth.

Sweetness instantly filled his mouth, and Ning Bei’s virtual tail turned into an invisible propeller.

There seems to be a sweet atmosphere floating everywhere in the air.

Nan Xia raised the corner of her mouth slightly, and said softly:

“Open your mouth, puppy.”

“Let go of Jiejie’s fingers.”  


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