Puppy Only Has One Summer 5

A story began to circulate in the campus that a freshman went crazy on the playground after drinking too much, laughing and running around, and then hit the iron gate of the playground in a daze.

Originally, this was not a big deal, but a few girls who passed by the scene snapped a few photos of Ning Bei who woke up after being knocked unconscious.

Ning Bei was wearing the most ordinary white T-shirt, which showed off his hanger figure, making him look extraordinarily tall and youthful. Under the dim light, his sharp jaw line and high nose bridge were still clearly visible in the low-resolution photos.

Like a simple ink painting, a few strokes displayed the ultimate charm.

Thus, a few girls started asking around, and finally found out that this person was Ning Bei, a freshman in the Department of Mathematics. As soon as the news spread, Ning Bei’s WeChat began to get flooded with friend requests from strangers.

In the beginning, he accepted those requests, because he was worried they might be looking for him for official business. But one after another, he discovered that these girls who came to add him basically had only one purpose, to ask him out.

Ning Bei felt annoyed, so he directly changed his WeChat signature to “I have a girlfriend, don’t bother me”.

Now whenever someone adds him, he will reply directly on the friend application interface: Look at my signature.

Once the signature was changed, fewer people send him requests. Ning Bei cleaned his WeChat up in a few days but found that it was too quiet.

Recently, his chatting time with Nan Xia had suddenly decreased.

Originally, Nan Xia would occasionally take the initiative to chat with him, but most of the time, it was Ning Bei starting the conversation.

However, in the past few days, Nan Xia has not taken the initiative to speak to Ning Bei once.

And every time Ning Bei send her something, Nan Xia would only answer his question and wouldn’t keep the conversation going.

Ning Bei sat at the table deep in thought all night, Jiang Chen came back from outside and threw him a bottle of Coke.

“What’s the matter, why are you still frowning?” He just finished his stroll with a pretty girl, he sat down next to Ning Bei, “Isn’t it true that no one has added you recently?”

Ning Bei said thank you, bowed his head and transferred the money to him.

“Hey, don’t.” Jiang Chen held him down, “How much can a bottle of Coke cost, I just bought it on the way.”

Ning Bei paused, he threw the phone back on the table, lowered his head and buried his face in his palm.

Jiang Chen chuckled, he leaned over and asked, “Weren’t you chasing someone recently?”

Ning Bei suddenly looked up at him and was about to deny it but stopped when he saw Jiang Chen grinning at him with a know-it-all look.

“Your stunt last time, plus what you are doing now, isn’t it all because of that girl.”

The absolute certainty in his words showed that he did not require Ning Bei’s affirmation or denial at all.

“Hey, tell me what’s going on, haven’t you pushed away those rotten peach blossoms? Why is your lady still angry?”

Ning Bei’s frowned deepened, “You don’t understand.”

“How can I understand if you don’t tell me?” Jiang Chen asked.

Ning Bei glanced at him with some hesitation, pursed his lips, and said dejectedly, “She didn’t know about that matter at all, and she wasn’t angry with me because of it.”

Ning Bei obviously felt that Nan Xia was being perfunctory and was not really interested in chatting with him during this time, but he didn’t know what he did wrong.

Jiang Chen was silent for a while, then suddenly lifted his head and laughed loudly.

Ning Bei wrinkled his whole face in displeasure. His heart became more irritable, he got up and wanted to go to the playground to sober up.

But as soon as he stood up, Jiang Chen pulled him to sit down again.

“Beizi, it’s not that I want to blame you.” Jiang Chen didn’t hold back and laughed again, “But you really are a little careless.”

Ning Bei: “…”

Ning Bei stared at Jiang Chen with some resentment. He didn’t want to admit what Jiang Chen said, but he also wanted to know why Jiang Chen said that.

Jiang Chen cleared his throat: “Ning Bei, I just want to ask you a question.”

Ning Bei suddenly sat up straight and looked at him seriously.

“You said you didn’t talk about what happened with that sister, so what would she think if she saw your current WeChat status?”

Ning Bei stared straight at Jiang Chen for three seconds, then stood up suddenly and cursed out loud,


Jiang Chen closed his eyes contentedly and nodded. When he opened his eyes again, he only caught the shadow of Ning Bei running out.

Jiang Chen: … so fast.

Ning Bei took his bus card and ran towards the school gate, running all the way just in time for the bus that arrived at the stop. His heart was pounding non-stop, he still couldn’t calm down even after he got on the bus.

He raised his hand to close the window that was half open for ventilation, the turbulent air passing through it was making his thoughts even more chaotic. He looked at his own reflection on the window and couldn’t help scolding himself in a low voice, “You idiot.”

He wanted to change his WeChat signature immediately, but when he touched his pocket, he realized he had left his phone in the dormitory.

Ning Bei was completely speechless with himself, he slumped down on the seat with his head hanging down. Fortunately, he is already on the way to find Nan Xia to clarify now.

There were not many people on the bus at night, he arrived at Nan Xia’s community after a few stops. Ning Bei got off the bus in large strides, and then ran all the way to Nan Xia’s building unit following the memory of last time.

Ning Bei raised his head and took a look from downstairs. The lights in Nan Xia’s house were still on.

His mood recovered, and he headed straight up to the third floor.

The lights in the corridor turned on floor by floor, but when Ning Bei reached the door of Nan Xia’s house, he suddenly stopped.

What should he say?

Why did he come to say this to her?

Why did he want to come and say it?

Why did he have to explain to Nan Xia?

At this moment, his mind had calmed down. And even though he knew he still need to thinks about those questions first, Ning Bei’s body was still unable to calm down as if he was being burned by fire.

He walked up and down the corridor like a headless fly.

In the end, he mussed his hair frantically with both hands, but he was unwilling to go back directly like this.

Soon, the automatic lights in the corridor went out.

Ning Bei also lost his voice.

Everything was completely plunged into darkness and silence.


After an unknown amount of time, the door on one side suddenly opened.

A warm yellow light leaked out, and then the lights in the corridor switched on.

Just as Nan Xia was about to bend down to take the umbrella at the door, she saw Ning Bei sitting in the stairwell of her house with his back against the wall.

The moment the lights came on, Ning Bei raised his eyes.

He was covered in black from head to toe, only his raised eyes looked like two bright stars in the night.

But the look on his face was that of extreme frustration and helplessness.

He’s like a homeless stray dog. Nan Xia only had this idea at the moment.

“Xiao Bei, why are you here?” Nan Xia opened the door wider and signaled him to come in first.

Ning Bei immediately stood up.

Holding the umbrella, Nan Xia turned around and headed back into the house.

Ning Bei had an impulse at this moment, he wanted to hug Nan Xia hard.

Hold her tightly in his arms and tell her clearly.

But his remaining reason stopped him from such stupid thoughts, and this sense of powerlessness made him feel even more frustrated.

Ning Bei closed the door after entering the room, and sat quietly on the sofa waiting for Nan Xia to ask him something.

Nan Xia sat on the other side of the sofa, patiently refolding the umbrella.

Ning Bei couldn’t help but look at her.

It was already evening, and she was only wearing a black suspender dress.

It was not like he hasn’t seen Nan Xia wearing pajamas before. Whenever she came back to their hometown, he would occasionally see her walking around her house in pajamas.

But now that they were alone together, Ning Bei’s heart began to become a mess again.

“Why are you suddenly here today?” Nan Xia asked him after she finished folding her umbrella.

Ning Bei turned his head quickly, but his mouth seemed to be stuck with superglue, he couldn’t open it no matter what.

Nan Xia found his pitiful appearance both funny and pitiful. She got up and poured Ning Bei a glass of water.

“Drink some water first.”

Ning Bei nodded, raised his head and drank the whole glass of water.

Why are you being so obedient?

Nan Xia covered her face with her hands, she really thought that Ning Bei was too cute.

Like a big shaggy dog.

“Do you feel better now?” Nan Xia asked again.

Ning Bei nodded, “Yeah.”

“Then why are you looking for me so late?”

Ning Bei looked up at her.

Nan Xia looked like she had just taken a shower, her hair was still slightly wet and draped over her shoulders, and her fair skin became extremely lustrous under the soft light.

Ning Bei didn’t dare to look down any further, his eyes fell back to the sofa.

Then he saw Nan Xia’s bare feet.

Each toe was painted with a bright cinnabar red color. On her fair skin, they look like bright wintersweets after a heavy snowfall.

It was so red that he couldn’t take his eyes off it.

Heat immediately rushed to his ears.

It was the first time that Ning Bei discovered that a nail polish could have such great charm.

His mind was in a mess, he couldn’t remember why he came here.

Nan Xia lightly kicked his leg, trying to bring him back to his senses.

Ning Bei froze.

He stood up abruptly.

“I…I’m going to the bathroom.”

After speaking, he ran away.

Nan Xia laughed and leaned back on the sofa, she grabbed a small blanket to cover her body and continued to wait for him.

After a while, Ning Bei came out of the bathroom.

But instead of returning to the sofa, he stood at the other end of the living room and looked at Nan Xia.

The atmosphere is a little serious.

Nan Xia also looked up and waited for him to speak.

“I…” Ning Bei said, he seemed to be gathering his courage during the short pause, then he blurted out, “My WeChat signature is fake, I don’t have a girlfriend, and I’m not in a relationship.”

In the quiet living room, Ning Bei’s voice rang clearly.

He stood at the other end of the living room, with his straight body and firm eyes, Nan Xia could see his determination.

But Nan Xia just smiled: “You came here just to explain this? Just send a message next time.”

Ning Bei’s heart sank.

There was a buzzing in his ear.

He thought that Nan Xia didn’t care.

He thought that Nan Xia didn’t care whether he was in a relationship or not.

No, not that he thought so.

Nan Xia really didn’t care.

She never took the initiative to ask, and never cared about this question.

She thought he had a girlfriend, so she automatically stayed away from him.

Even if Ning Bei explained it like this now, Nan Xia’s emotions actually didn’t have much ups and downs.

She said it would be fine to send a message next time, don’t run over like this.

Ning Bei felt cold all over,

His fingertips trembled slightly.

The air became stagnate; Ning Bei couldn’t breathe out the air from his chest.

But in the next second, Nan Xia stood up and walked towards him.

“Next time, don’t come over so late, Jiejie will be worried.”

Nan Xia pushed Ning Bei back to sit on the sofa.

She sat closer to him.

Ning Bei’s body instantly warmed up.

He even had the urge to cry.

He tried to make sure his voice was steady before speaking, “Are you worried about my safety?”

Nan Xia nodded, “Of course, you didn’t even see what time it is, I don’t know if the buses still run until this time. I’ll just call a taxi for you later.”

Ning Bei nodded, then shook his head wildly.

“No, I’ll just call one myself.”

“You don’t need to be so polite with me.”

“No, I’ll do it myself.”

Nan Xia squeezed Ning Bei’s cheek with her palm.

She got closer, and look up at him slightly.

“Puppy must listen to me.”

Ning Bei closed his mouth instantly, lowered his head, and looked at Nan Xia obediently.

Nan Xia smiled and pinched his ears gently.

“I’m going to change my clothes; I’ll walk you down.”

When Ning Bei returned to the dormitory, he was full of vitality.

Jiang Chen saw at a glance that his matter was resolved, and received two bottles of Coke thrown by Ning Bei.

“Thanks.” Ning Bei patted him on the shoulder.

Jiang Chen winked at him, “Small stuff.”

Ning Bei took a quick shower and went to bed. He couldn’t hide his smile when he saw the message that Nan Xia sent him on her own initiative.

Nan Xia: I’m going back to my hometown on National Day, how about you?

Ning Bei typed quickly with his fingers: I also plan to go back, how are you going back?

Nan Xia: Send me your ID number.

Ning Bei was stunned for a moment, and immediately realized that Nan Xia wanted to help him buy tickets together.

Ning Bei sent the string of numbers immediately, and rolled on the bed.

A voice sounded from outside, “Why is Brother Bei so excited?”

Jiang Chen calmly answered for him, “Don’t disturb others watching porn.”

Nan Xia quickly bought the two tickets, took a screenshot and sent the train number information.

Nan Xia: See you on National Day.

Ning Bei: Okay, see you on National Day! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Ning Bei sent a series of eight exclamation points, Nan Xia smiled helplessly, and turned off the phone.

On the coffee table, there was the empty water cup that Ning Bei drank from in one gulp. Nan Xia took the cup and went to the kitchen. As she was rinsing the cup, her thoughts drifted away.

Nan Xia couldn’t deny that after seeing the change of Ning Bei’s WeChat signature that day, she was indeed depressed for a few minutes.

But it wasn’t jealousy or anger, it was genuine confusion.

She felt that she had a “brother-like” possessiveness towards Ning Bei. She liked the way Ning Bei lose his composure when he was with her, she also liked to tease Ning Bei. But Nan Xia felt that all of this was because they were friends who had played together since they were young, so this was a possessiveness towards friends.

So after learning that Ning Bei “has a girlfriend”, Nan Xia consciously alienated him.

Until this evening, Ning Bei suddenly ran over, just to explain that incident with great fanfare.

Nan Xia is not a fool, nor has she never been in a relationship.

She could tell that Ning Bei probably liked her a little bit, but Nan Xia didn’t know how to respond.

She likes to play with Ning Bei, and also likes Ning Bei’s personality, but she is not sure that she really likes Ning Bei like that, the kind of like between men and women.

And she had only said “send a message”, which can make Ning Bei disheartened at a speed visible to the naked eye.

It’s really a puppy, can’t hide any emotions.

What can she do, how could she bear to break the puppy’s heart.

After thinking back and forth, she still feels like she should coax the puppy first.

Ning Bei suffered from insomnia that night.

He had an unspeakable dream, in which he really turned into a big golden retriever.

Jumping around Nan Xia’s side like crazy.

Later, taking advantage of Nan Xia’s inattention, he threw her down under him.

The big golden retriever then instantly changed back to Ning Bei.

But he didn’t realize it himself, he still lowered his head and licked Nan Xia’s body frantically.

At three o’clock in the morning, Ning Bei woke up from this shameless dream and couldn’t fall asleep again.

He is ashamed of his “shameless obscenity”, he will never allow that to happen again.

He got up and went to the toilet, and when he came out, sleep has completely left him.

Ning Bei leaned against the wall in the dark corridor and clicked on the chat records between him and Nan Xia.

The tiny light shone on the corners of his mouth that he was trying to restrain, and Ning Bei felt that he wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.

Jiejie, Jiejie.

Inadvertently, Ning Bei accidentally clicked on the call button instead of clicking on the record of a certain voice chat between him and Nan Xia, and the call was dialed out in an instant.

Ning Bei was in a hurry to turn it off, but in the next second, he heard Nan Xia’s voice from the phone:

“Xiao Bei.”

Her low, soft voice, it’s clear she was not fully awake yet.

It was as if some magic power tightly bound Ning Bei’s hands and feet.

So, almost like a nightmare, he called out, “Jiejie.”

Then nothing was said.

A low laughter came from the other side, as if cooperating with him, and he heard her softly called out, “Xiao Bei.”

Ning Bei covered his eyes and laughed, “Jiejie.”

“Xiao Bei.”






“Jiejie’s puppy.”

Ning Bei almost choked: “Puppy’s Jiejie.”

“Good night, Jiejie’s puppy.”

Ning Bei’s heart burst with joy,

“Good night, puppy’s Jiejie.”


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