Puppy Only Has One Summer 9

Nan Xia and Ning Bei went on their first trip as a couple at the end of October. Nan Xia used her annual leave and Ning Bei only had a few classes before the break. The two flew to Gulang Island together before winter, ​​and booked a five-day homestay.

It was four o’clock in the afternoon when they arrived, the weather was pleasant.

The inn is located on the seaside of Gulang Island and Ning Bei booked a big room with a balcony that was facing the sea. Of course, he had obtained Nan Xia’s permission before making the reservation.

They decided to book a room with a double bed so Ning Bei knew what was going to happen.

Nan Xia told him that her concept is to choose the time when she is ready to sleep with someone with her feeling. She doesn’t care if a month is too fast or if a year is too long, or whether they are married or not. It’s okay as long as they take protective measures.

This is her concept.

But if Ning Bei has any other opinions, she is also completely willing to discuss and negotiate with him to reach a result that satisfies both of them.

Ning Bei resolutely chose to follow Nan Xia’s opinion – to choose the development of the relationship based on their feelings.

And he felt that they had reached that point in their relationship.

During the one month of their dating life, Ning Bei went to Nan Xia’s house for dinner almost every day and stayed with her until the last second before running back to the dormitory in a 100-meter sprint.

Kissing and light touching had no soothing effect at all, they only made the fireworks in Ning Bei’s heart higher and higher.

But Nan Xia didn’t take the initiative to go further, so Ning Bei held back. So when he was booking a room this time, he cautiously asked Nan Xia if he could book a double bed room. Nan Xia asked him if he had made up his mind, and Ning Bei told her if she agrees, he is fine.

Nan Xia replied “OK” to him on WeChat.

Ning Bei had a dirty dream that night.

At around four o’clock in the afternoon, Ning Bei dragged their suitcases and they arrived at the inn. The young lady at the front desk took the two of them upstairs.

It was a clean and tidy room.

There were light blue tiles attached to the lower half wall of the room, and the off-white wooden floor enhances this Mediterranean style.

The balcony door was open, Nan Xia walked over and saw the armchairs outside.

With her hands on the railing, she could see the blue sea and sky in the distance.
The gentle and moist sea breeze enveloped her completely, and Nan Xia closed her eyes comfortably.

Then, she felt a burst of heat hit her.

Nan Xia didn’t even need to open her eyes.

She turned around with a smile on the corner of her mouth and raised her arms to hug Ning Bei.

With Ning Bei’s hand between her waist and the railing, she raised her head and silently kissed Ning Bei.

His short hair pricked Nan Xia’s face slightly, and she reached out to stroke the ends of his hair.

She noticed that Ning Bei’s arms were getting tighter, and the oxygen in her mouth was also exhausted.

After a short pause, Nan Xia looked up at Ning Bei.

The moist gaze in his eyes made Nan Xia’s heart drum endlessly.

He wanted to reach out and explore.

“…Xiao Bei.”

Ning Bei’s restrained his low panting, opening and closing lips:


The curtains blocked the last ray of light before the sun set, and the people in the room became blurred shadows.

“Have you kissed it before?”

Ning Bei’s eyes were red, and he answered with difficulty: “No.”

“Let’s touch it lightly first.”

He stretched out his hands, and his lips will fall down on her without needing guidance.

Nan Xia raised her head high and held Ning Bei’s head in her arms.

Then, the shadows overlap, entangle, and finally become one.

On the first day at the inn, Nan Xia has completely felt all the humidity and enthusiasm of the seaside in summer.

When she woke up dazedly, it was already dark outside the window, only the dim light from the lighthouse not far away flashed in her vision.

Nan Xia saw the three used condoms on the ground, and couldn’t help thinking about what happened.

The first time, it was almost over in seconds.

She held back, but still chuckled. It was definitely not ridicule, but seeing her puppy apologize to her at a loss and tried to explain, it was funny. But in the second before she could say anything, he got ready again.
Then, the second time, the third time.

He quickly started, and then completely destroyed Nan Xia with his absolute physical strength.

Um, puppy.

Nan Xia smiled silently and rolled her eyes.

Hearing a rustling sound behind her, she realized that Ning Bei was approaching from behind her.

For a long time, she didn’t hear him speak.

But his arms hugged her lower abdomen, everything followed by instinct.

Ning Bei was licking her back.

God, Nan Xia felt overwhelmed.

She gripped the bed sheet slightly with her hands, feeling the tremors coming from her body.

At the moment when her mind was completely out of control, she once again had a deep understanding of this little brother’s physical strength.

When she woke up for the second time, Nan Xia was woken up by Ning Bei.

He had already gotten dressed and was squatting on Nan Xia’s bedside and kissing the tip of her nose.

“Jiejie.” He called softly.

Nan Xia slowly opened her eyes, she heard him seriously asking her: “Jiejie, how did I do?”

Nan Xia’s ears turned red instantly, she pulled the quilt over her shoulders, covered the lower half of her face and did not answer.

Ning Bei smiled smugly, and asked again: “Is Jiejie comfortable? Did I hurt you or is there anything you don’t like?”

Nan Xia covered her entire face.

How can it be so hot in the quilt? Why is her breath so hot?

In the next second, Nan Xia realized that someone had pinched her exposed ankle.

She lifted the quilt and looked down, she saw Ning Bei bowing his head and kissing her feet.

Blood rushed to her brain in an instant, and she couldn’t help but want to pull her feet back.

She heard Ning Bei say: “Jiejie, you are so beautiful.”

Nan Xia couldn’t breathe.

“Everything about you is beautiful, your face is beautiful, your hair is beautiful, your hands are beautiful, your arms are beautiful, your legs are beautiful, and even your toes are beautiful.”

“Ning Bei, you…” Nan Xia’s heart was pounding, and she didn’t know what to say to stop him.

Only then did Ning Bei let go of her ankle, and then tuck her leg into the quilt. He leaned over to her bedside again and asked her, “Sister, have you rested enough? Let’s go out for dinner if you’re not tired.”

Nan Xia felt ashamed and wanted to laugh, so she gave him a kick.

Ning Bei pursed his lips and chuckled, and hugged Nan Xia into his arms again.

After washing up at night, the two of them dressed lightly and went out.

Ning Bei selected a seafood restaurant he saw on the web. Following the direction on the map, the two finally walked into a place that looked like a residence, pushed open the gate of the courtyard, and it turned out to be a seafood restaurant inside.

There were not many meals available in the restaurant, but everything tasted delicious. Instead of adding too many condiments, it amplifies the original seafood taste of the ingredients themselves.

Nan Xia and Ning Bei finished their dinner contentedly and left. The two wandered around along the alleys on Gulang Island. Instead of choosing the crowded “Internet celebrity” spots, Ning Bei took Nan Xia’s hand and walked around where the local residents lived.

The dazzling red bricks and tiles in the daytime become black against the backdrop of the night, and the black stone road under their feet muted all the hustle and bustle of the daytime.

Except for the cool breeze passing through Nan Xia’s hair occasionally, there was no other sound.

Feeling completely relaxed, Nan Xia closed her eyes.

Ning Bei pulled her forward with confidence.

“Jiejie.” Ning Bei suddenly stopped and made a sound.

Nan Xia opened her eyes.

In the dim moonlight, Ning Bei’s facial features became unclear, but his eyes were like a pool of bright moonlight, shining with a clear luster.

Nan Xia caught a glimpse of a raised curb beside him, so she supported Ning Bei’s forearm and stood on it.

“What’s the matter?” She looked down at Ning Bei and asked him with a smile.

Ning Bei also laughed, he held Nan Xia’s cheek and asked her softly, “Jiejie, do you want me to hug you?”

Nan Xia was taken aback, “What do you mean?”

“I’ll hug you and go.” Ning Bei said.

Nan Xia’s eyes hesitated for a moment, and a smile of anticipation and worry appeared on her face.

“How are you going to walk while hugging?”

Ning Bei pursed his lips and smiled, “Try it and you’ll know.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he hugged Nan Xia in his arms.

Nan Xia immediately hugged his neck for stability, and her voice became louder: “Ning Bei just forget about it?”

Ning Bei had already laughed out loud.

In the quiet night, his voice was like a string of crisp bells.

Then, the tall black figure ran towards the other end of the alley.

The wind whistled past Nan Xia’s ears, and Ning Bei became the only existence she could rely on.

Her heartbeat accelerated wildly, and her hair flew backwards as Ning Bei ran forward. Nan Xia laughed uncontrollably, and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and shouted in his ear:

“Ning Bei, be careful!”

Ning Bei then laughed even louder, and when he lowered his head, he firmly kissed Nan Xia’s lips.

Then, he sped up desperately.

Going against the invisible night wind, he led Nan Xia into the deeper night.

The mixed laughter, screams and gasps were infinitely magnified on this summer night, Nan Xia will never forget this moment when she galloped in the wind with Ning Bei.

All heartbeats, pulses and breathing are real, all kisses, hugs and laughs are real.

Nan Xia closed her eyes and buried her head in his chest.

She will follow her puppy, wherever he’s taking her.

On the last day of their stay in Gulang Island, Nan Xia and Ning Bei spent an afternoon in a bookstore.

Nan Xia was sitting in the reading area reading a novel, while Ning Bei was wandering around in the bookstore.

The afternoon sun shines in from the door of the bookstore, and opposite the cash register is a message wall full of blessings. Ning Bei stopped and read the contents carefully.

Most of them are messages between couples. There are also some long or short life insights, but most of the notes were related to love.

Ning Bei doesn’t have a particularly sentimental character, but when he turned his head to look at Nan Xia who was sitting on the sofa reading a book quietly and thought of the time they spent together these five days that he would never forget in his life, sadness rose from the bottom of Ning Bei’s heart without reason.

He couldn’t explain why he had the urge to cry even though he and Nan Xia were happy now.

Walking towards the cashier, Ning Bei asked for a light-yellow sticker and took a pen.

Standing by the message wall, Ning Bei turned his attention to Nan Xia again.

As if he was drawing courage, his emotions brewing uncontrollably.

Then, he lowered his head and wrote neatly on the sticker:

Puppy only have one summer.

This is Ning Bei’s promise to Nan Xia in his heart, there will always be only one Nan Xia for Ning Bei.

And he didn’t wish for the same response and promise from Nan Xia.

Putting the pen into the pen holder on the side, Ning Bei pasted the sticker onto the wall full of blessings.

He stood far away, looking at that sentence for a few more seconds.

Then he turned around and left.

Nan Xia read that book for a while in the bookstore. As the evening approached, she closed the book and picked out two more. Ning Bei went to pay the bill, and Nan Xia followed him.

Ning Bei then selected a few more postcards at the cash register and paid the bill together.

The moment he turned around, he saw Nan Xia standing by the message wall and just putting down the pen in her hand.

His heartbeat immediately suspended in his chest, all the sounds in his ear faded away at the speed of light, and he only stared at her.

Carrying the bag in his hand, Ning Bei walked slowly to Nan Xia’s side. When he raised his eyes, he saw that she had neatly added another line of writing under the line he had just written.

Tears only took a moment to appear, but no matter how blurred his vision was, he can still see clearly.

Under the line “Puppy only has one summer”, Nan Xia neatly wrote:

“There is only one puppy for summer.”

Words may be all redundant, just looking at each other is enough to understand the feelings of each other.

Ning Bei lowered his right hand, and the plastic bag containing the books fell down.

He took two steps forward, lowered his head and held Nan Xia’s cheek.

The kiss was natural, without too many scruples.

The warm sunset glow shone on them; the puppy’s summer will never end.

This is the romance between Puppy and Summer, ​​and also the loyalty between them.

Nan Xia gently kissed away the tears from the corners of Ning Bei’s eyes, and said softly:

“Let’s go back, puppy.”

Ning Bei nodded: “Let’s go home, Jiejie.”

Their hands clasped tightly together but Nan Xia didn’t feel the pain.

The clock is still turning non-stop, the four seasons have never stopped for anyone.

As for the pair of lovers, they have already clasped their hands and disappeared into the eternal summer night along this silent brick alley.



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  1. Nice and sweet story! Thank you very much for translating this!

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  2. Its soo sweet. Damn, I need more


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