Puppy Only Has One Summer

Ning Bei worked hard to get into Lincheng University and came to the city Nan Xia was in. Nan Xia introduced him to others as: “Her younger brother.”
After returning home, Ning Bei was lying on the floor like a stray dog.
His brother Ning Nan couldn’t look at his depressed face anymore, so he gave him a kick: “Now you know that acting like a dog will end badly?”
Ning Bei closed his eyes, and said in a cold voice, “Never again.”
Ning Nan chuckled and was about to leave when the exclusive ringtone that Ning Bei set for Nan Xia suddenly rang in the room.
Under Ning Nan’s fiery gaze, Ning Bei lay on the ground for one extra second.
Then he quickly got up from the ground and ran to the phone.
Ning Nan: ?
Ning Bei: Scram.

small theater:
One time Ning Bei and Nan Xia had a quarrel, Nan Xia stood up and wanted to leave.
Ning Bei was flustered, so he immediately apologized to Nan Xia, but Nan Xia pretended not to hear and refused to respond.
Ning Bei who was silent for a while: woof woof.
Nan Xia: Which wild dog with a bad temper is barking.
Ning Bei whispered: No.
Nan Xia looked up and stared at him: You’re not short-tempered? Am I wrong?
Ning Bei looked at her, and then took Nan Xia’s hand solemnly.
The puppy lowered its head and silently rubbed against her palm.
“Jie Jie, I’m not a wild dog.”
Childhood sweethearts/Secret love/ FL is older than ML


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