Shanghai Jiamu

Every trace of my entire youth is engraved with the same name.

When I see the trees on the street and the clouds on the horizon, I will think of him unconsciously.
I remember the bubble tea he ordered for me, and the sparklers he lit up for me.
Those memories supported me through difficult days and made me think I was special at one point.

When I was young, I often wondered, is it possible? Even if it is one in ten thousand, what if I am the heroine in his story?
I have said goodbye to him countless times, on the phone, on WeChat, face to face, every time without pressure, because I know there will be another meeting.
But this time is different, Xu Jiamu, this time I really want to say goodbye to you.
“Goodbye, Xu Jiamu.”

One sentence introduction: Xu Jiamu, who is far away in Shanghai, you have to be good.
A writer’s true crush story


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